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DIY Checklist for Washing Machines, Ovens, Fridges, Tumble (Clothes), Dryers and Dishwashers.

Before you jump into making that phone call which could cost you hard-earned money, why not look at the checklist below and see if there is anything that you can do yourself to prevent a call-out charge?

  • Electricity – Is there electrical power running to your appliance – i.e., is the plug properly inserted into the electrical outlet? You may want to try another smaller, portable (for ease of use – e.g., an electric drill), in the same electrical outlet to see if there is power coming from it. If there is, then the problem may not be the source of electricity to the machine, but rather a fuse, or something more
  • Water supply – Are your taps fully turned on? Ensure all hoses are properly connected to the water supply and turn them fully on.
  • Micro Switches – Are all the appliances doors properly closed? Remember many appliances work on a system whereby electricity is sent to the motor only once the doors are properly closed. This includes both front loader and top loader washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers.
  • Read the Manual – Find the manual (these days most are downloadable off the manufacturers website in e-book format), for the appliance and go through it to ensure that all the manufacturers operational and safety procedures are correctly followed. Don’t forget the manuals usually contain troubleshooting tips and procedures. Implementing these correctly could save you a call out charge.
  • Dirt – Blocked filters and Drains – Make sure all the appliances filters are clean and the drains are unblocked.
  • Exceeding machines capacity – Are you exceeding the appliances capacity to do its intended job? I.e., don’t try and do a 10kg load in a 7kg capacity washing machine.
  • Cost of repair vs. replacing – Finally, some appliances are worth replacing rather than repairing. The average call – out charge for an appliance repair is $140.00. Weigh it up, it may be cheaper to replace the item. On the other side of the coin, a $200,00 call out and repair (with a guarantee), makes better business sense then replacing a $2,000.00 appliance.

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